Michelle Hessler

Adult Learning Experience Expert

Who Am I?

I am an Instructional Design professional that excels at creating adult learning and software training.

I didn't start out as an Instructional Design professional. I have always had a passion for guiding others on task completion and wanting to provide excellent learning experiences. I soon learned that the ultimate learning experience can only occur through great behind the scene practices, and this is what led me into the Instructional Design path.

How do I create Learner Experiences?

Throughout my career, I have compiled some best practices and skills to create learning experiences for all types of learners.

I am also an avid learner, and am constantly exploring new ways of preparing and presenting learning for a variety of learners.

My super skill is learning new software systems and developing learning experiences that resonate with various learners on how these new software systems can be used to streamline their work processes.

I have several examples for you to explore and see the various learning aids on different projects.