Disaster Call Handling


Learn how to handle customer calls during a natural disaster.

During this project, I was tasked to recreate new hire training modules on disaster call handling.

The course they had been using was over six years old, and some of the information was outdated and needed to be updated to the current process. They were also wanting a complete refresh of the course, which was completely narrated with voiceover. When there is voiceover, it's nearly impossible to insert new voice recording without making the course look and feel chopped up.

The goal was o be able to take this module and make updates as the process changed.

The new directive was to:

  • Remove all voiceover

  • Create an interactive course

  • Update the information in the course without too much text to overwhelm a learner


  • Type: eLearning

  • Customer: Newbold Advisors

  • Date: December 2021


  • Articulate Storyline

  • Articulate Review

  • Photoshop


  • eLearn development

  • storyboarding

  • graphic design


This course had branching, as each learner was taken through the Three E's of disaster call handling. After they explored each section, they were brought back to this branching page and were able to navigate forward to another section.


In this slider interaction, the learner moved the dial through each item to learn more about how to show a customer empathy.


At the end of the course, each learner had to answer three questions based on what they learned in the course. For each correct answer, they were given a lock code and returned to the lock page. They had to dial in the correct code to "escape" the course. The base template from this was derived from the Training Arcade hosted by elblearning.com (formally the eLearning Brothers.)

Slideshow of Course Chapter

End of Course Quiz