Learning Models Instructional Design Certification

Week 1

In the Learning Models course through, we were asked to create a multimedia piece to introduce ourselves to the rest of the learners.

In the piece, we were asked to include three items:

  1. Introduction of ourselves

  2. Review of History of Learning based on the readings for the week

  3. Our personal learning philosophy

I used to create my multimedia piece and posted to YouTube.

Week 2

In this weeks course, we were asked to read about the Addie Model and develop our own personal mind map based on the model.

While building my mind map, I felt there were a few items that were placed in the development phase of the model that I felt should belong to the Design phase. Especially if you are working with a team of eLearning developers that are all working on the same project. This way, all designs and standards can be determined prior. This will allow for more consistent materials among the developed modules.

This mind map was built using Canva and PowerPoint

Week 3

One of the learning models I explored for eLearning was the Dick and Carey Model.

As part of this exploration, I created a podcast of the Dick and Carey Model and incorporate the model into a learning plan to provide some context to the stages of this model.


The Training Industry (2019, March 13). The Dick and Carey Model. Retrieved from

Audio: Bensound_erf.wav,

Week 4

Understanding by Design

Here is an example of using the Understanding by Design learning model to build out a learning plan.

I decided to us the same learning plan in each model type, so I could more easily identify the differences in the learning models and how they would apply.

Week 5

Rapid Resolution

In this next step of the process, I utilized the Addie Model in application to the Rapid Resolution Process.

Week 6

Signature Assignment

The Signature Assignment for this course was to take the various Learning Models we had explored, and develop a course idea to present to an audience, to "sell" the idea of the learning project.

My audience was a local Chamber of Commerce, and the learning was intended for their membership base, small local businesses.