Disaster Call Scripts


Practice Disaster Call Scripts using the three E's

This course is a follow-up of the Disaster Call Handling course where the learner explored the Three E's of Disaster Calls: Empathize, Evaluate and Educate.

In this course, I was tasked with creating a course that will walk the customer through the intricacies of the different loan types and how they are each handled during a disaster.

This course included call scripting for the servicing agent to practice and use during a disaster call with the mortgage customer.

In each call scenario, the learner is given an opportunity to choose from two options on call handling. If they choose the incorrect option, they are provided feedback on why the option was incorrect and why the other option would be a better choice within the given parameters.

At the end of the course, the learner was given a 10 question interactive quiz, which included multiple choice, true/false and drag/drop interaction.


  • Type: Custom eLearn development

  • Customer: Newbold Advisors

  • Date: December 2021


  • Articulate Storyline

  • Articulate Review

  • Photoshop


  • eLearn development

  • storyboarding

  • graphic design

  • instructional design

Drive through the Disaster Area

Disaster Drive Through

This interaction was made as part of the training to walk the learner through the various Loan Types/Calls and guide them on how to handle each call type when the customer lives in a disaster impacted area. Rather than providing the information with a bunch of bullets on the page, I thought it would be fun to have them take a "drive" through the disaster area to explore the information. By adding an interaction like this, we are able to break up the lengthy information and still make it memorable to the learner.

Disaster Call Script

In this portion of the eLearn, the learner was guided through four call scenarios. In each scenario, the learner was given call scripting to use during these types of calls. At the end of each call script, the learner chose from two paths. If they chose the incorrect path for call handling, they were given feedback on why the chosen path was incorrect.